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Milko Angelov Consulting Co. was established at the end of 1991 like a small engineering wholly private company. Through these years we rise up to a regional leader in vacuum measurement and thin film deposition technologies and equipment development and manufacture. After the first 3" planar magnetron cathode and Automatic Leak Valve, designed in the beginning of 1992 our small, but highly skilled team of professionals developed many other types of equipment: vacuum gauges, rectangular planar magnetron cathodes, non-planar and planar arc evaporation cathodes with arc spot velocity control, power supplies, programmable controllers, complete custom designed thin film deposition HV plants, etc.

Now we are proud to announce our new and improved programmable vacuum gauges, automatic leak valve, power supplies, both magnetron and cathodic arc. This is good basis for building of fully automated solutions. We are only producer in Southeastern Europe of MF pulsed DC magnetron power supplies. Our solutions have best performance to price ratio and are highly reliable. We are known as trusted and reliable partner for many companies in Europe and USA.

We hope, our more than 25 years of experience in the field of vacuum measurement and thin film deposition technologies will be useful for many customers and our versatile solutions will fit all customer requirements.

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