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MF Pulsed DC magnetron power supplies

Through the years we have developed a range of unipolar MF pulsed DC magnetron power supplies. The max. attainable open circuit output voltage is –850V, the power supplies are designed as buck converters, working at frequency in the range of 50 kHz. Both current stabilized and power stabilized modes of operation are supported. There are provided in all versions active arc suppression schemes, based on high voltage high current MOSFET’s, with arc sensing times as short as 0,6us, Soft Arc Handling mode is provided. There are in production two types of pulsed power supplies:
  • MF pulsed DC versions, which can provide both DC and pulsed output voltage with output frequencies in the range of 55 to 110kHz. The adjustable duty cycle is in the range 0.2 to 0.75.
  • MF pulsed only power supplies – these work in pulsed mode only at fixed frequency in the range of 50 to 60 kHz

  - Analogue or programmable, micro-controller based versions are in production. Remote control, both analogue and full duplex RS232/RS485 interface (only for programmable versions) is provided as an option. In programmable versions is possible to memorize up to 31 process profiles and kilowatthourmeter shows the current target use.
  - Cooling water switch on and off together with flow-meter N.O. relay contact reading circuitry can be implemented in all versions as protection of the cathode against cooling water sudden stop.
  - Customer specified power supplies could be developed upon request.

Since 2007 we have developed our “New Concept” in the pulsed only magnetron power supplies – superposition of short (less than 2 μs) high voltage (-850V) pulse with the main, middle voltage (-560V), relatively long (up to 15 μs, depending on the output current magnitude) high current pulse. This type of power supplies work at fixed 50 kHz. Same schemes for arc suppression and soft arc handling are built in. These power supplies are especially suited for reactive sputtering of sensitive targets and deposition of highly insulating layers. The “high voltage” pulse increases the electron emission and thus ionization at pulse edge, the “middle voltage” pulse enables use of lower output inductance in series with the output. It decreases the stored energy in it and thus delivered energy in a single arc, when appears. Increased ionization increases the reaction probability during reactive sputtering and the pulse “off” time, which increases the re-charging probability of the insulating islands on the target.

Magnetron Power Supply


MF pulsed DC magnetron power supplies
Parameter MPS 05 MPS 10 MPS 15 MPS 25
Output power, kW 0,5 1,0 1,5 2,5
Max output voltage, V -850 -850 -850 -600
Max. output current, A 1,2 2,2 3,2 6,0
Supply voltage, V 220V 220V 220V 3 x 380
Efficiency, % 70 70 70 70
Cooling Forced air Forced air Forced air Forced air
Dimensions 19” x 3U x 420 19” x 3U x 420 19” x 3U x 420 19” x 6U x 420
Weight, kg 15.0 18.0 20.0 32.0

Magnetron Power Supply
MF pulsed only magnetron power supplies
ParameterMPS 05F MPS 10F MPS 15F MPS 25F
Output power, kW0,51,01,52,5
Max output voltage, V-850-850-850-800
Max. output current, A1,22,23,26,0
Supply voltage, V220V 220V 220V 3 x 380
Efficiency, %70 70 70 70
CoolingForced airForced airForced airForced air
Dimensions½ 19” x 3U x 42019” x 3U x 42019” x 3U x 42019” x 6U x 420
Weight, kg12.0 17.0 19.0 30.0

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