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High Vacuum Plant For Triode Cathode Sputtering of A2B6 Compounds

This is high vacuum plant, especially designed for preparing of photoconductive A2B6 thin films onto flat Sital substrates for photocell mass production. The target material - sintered polycrystalline CdSe/CdS, determined used sputtering technology - triode cathode sputtering because of the low working pressure of Ar - 2.10-3 mbar, low rate of deposition - 30 nm/min, high temperature of substrate during the deposition - 250oC and uniformity of power density onto whole target surface. The technological equipment supports both DC or MF (25 kHz high voltage sine generator) modes of sputtering and provides very high thickness uniformity (better than 10% difference), high adhesion, uniform morphology and good repetition of layer's properties.


Rectangular vacuum chamber 550x580x550 mm, made of electropollished stainless steel, high vacuum pumping system, containing two stage rotary vane pump D 30 A, oil diffusion pump DI 3000/6 together with both water cooled and LN2 cooled oil vapour traps, related pneumatically driven valves and fittings, plasmatron for triode cathode sputtering, furnace for preliminary heating of substrates in vacuum (400oC), manipulator with two stages of freedom for substrate's transport in vacuum, substrate holders, IR lamp for preliminary chamber heating, water cooling system, pneumosystem and "Power supply and control" unit. The "Power supply and control" unit contains of Combined Penning - Pirani vacuum gauge PRNVG 21, Universal programmable process controller UPPC 01, an automatic variable leak valve AVLV 01, MF high voltage generator and plasmatron's power supply.


Chamber dimensions mm 550x580x550
Ultimate pressure mbar 2.10-6
Pumpdown time (incl. substrate heating) min 30
Power supply V 3x380, 50 Hz
Power consumption kVA 5,5
Cooling water consumptionl/h600
Working gas consumptionl/h3
Cycle duration (two substrates 0120)min120
Weight (app.)kg850


  1. Vertical cylindrical chamber O 500x H350 with lifting.
  2. Complete technology for CdSe/CdS photocells production.

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