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Family of High Vacuum Plants for Button's Metallization

High vacuum plant This is a family of high vacuum plants for button's metallization with similar design and technological possibilities, but different capacity. There are developed technologies for producing of layers featuring different colours and multilayer coatings.
Two kinds of plants with different design and possibilities are developed - for plastics buttons metallization or for metallic pieces coating.

Horizontal cylindrical vacuum chamber (different sizes), high vacuum pumping system, containing two stage rotary vane pump BW 100 (or D 60 A for smaller plants), oil diffusion pump DI 3000/6, related pneumatically driven valves and fittings, two planar magnetrons PM/DC 500 (PM/DC 400 with HVP 130MS) with MF pulsed DC power supply (optional), situated inside the vacuum chamber, planetary mechanism with two stages of freedom and fast change of substrates possibility, glow discharge cleaning system, DC bias of substrates system (optional), water cooling system, pneumosystem and "Power supply and control" unit. The "Power supply and control" unit contains of Combined Penning - Pirani vacuum gauge PRNVG 21, Universal programmable process controller UPPC 01, two automatic variable leak valves AVLV 01 and two Magnetron power control MPC 01 units.


Vacuum chamber volume, l300180130
Chamber dimensions, mm Φ750xL650 Φ600xL650 Φ550xL550
Power supply, V 3x380, 50 Hz 3x380, 50 Hz 3x380, 50 Hz
Power consumption, kVA1087
Cooling water consumption, l/h600500400
Working gas consumption, l/h543
Cycle duration, min302520
Capacity in the cycle (Φ20) pcs.250016001000
Weight (app.), kg850750650


  1. Multilayer coating technology for plastics buttons metallization (featuring different colours).
  2. DC bias of substrates for metallic pieces coating.
  3. MF pulsed DC power supply of magnetrons for reactive magnetron sputtering.
  4. Substrates holder for loose state metallization of the buttons.
  5. Technologies for multilayer hard coatings (nitrides, oxides or carbides) onto metal pieces.

It is possible to change the plant's design to satisfy all customer's requirements. If needed, we can develop essentially new design, which will support other applications.

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