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Automatic Leak Valve
A low pressure control device with an analogue input. The set includes a servo valve with a connecting cable, an electronic control unit ACC. to DIN 43 700 and an information cable.

The AUTOMATIC LEAK VALVE ALV 01 is designed for control and maintaining constant of the working gas pressure in vacuum systems. Each vacuum gauge or other measuring instrument (for instance light intensity meter) with an analogue output 0 - 5V or 0 - 10V and a suitable measuring range can be used to produce a pressure - dependent voltage, which is necessary to be linked to the analogue input for reverse feedback. Using mass flow meter to produce reverse feedback voltage will get the constant mass flow maintaining.

The servo valve is electromagnetic with smooth control by means of a current varying through the valve coil. There is used two-circuit architecture of the regulator. Fast mixed signal microcontroller (40 MHz clock frequency, 12 bit ADC) provides 2ms PWM for valve coil current control. A single-chip mixed signal microcontroller with 12 bit ADC provides seting, memorizing (63 separate programs) and displaying of the process parameters onto four digit LED display, remote control and tuning of the output change rate for best working together with different pumping systems. Both microcontrollers measure the feedback voltage value separately, the fast one provides short time stability and the slow one is responsible for the long term stability and the communications between both controllers. There are provided three modes of operation - direct, inv78 mobilenerse and Plasma Impedance Control mode, especially added for reactive sputtering processes maintaining.


Flow rangembar.l/s0 - 1; 5; 20
Accuracy% full scale 0,3
Integrating timems4 - 1020
Leak ratembar.l/s<1.10-8
Analogue inputV0 - 5; 10/Rl =10 kOhms
Servo valve connecting flangeKF acc. to ISO16
Supply voltageV AC220, 50 Hz
Power consumptionVA8


Electronic unitmm90 x 90 x 180
Servo valvemm72 x 75 x 40


Electronic unitkg1,0
Servo valvekg0,5


  1. Servo valve for corrosive gases.
  2. Serial interface RS 232/RS 485 for computer linking.

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