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MF pulsed DC Magnetron Power Supplies IMPS 10/15/20

This new line of inverter type unipolar, middle frequency (MF) pulsed DC power supplies, working at fixed 100 kHz output frequency, are especially designed to supply power to magnetron cathodes with appropriate dimensions and impedance of generated plasmas. These power supplies were developed for reactive sputter deposition applications to meet the requirements of deposition of highly insulating thin films from elemental or alloyed metallic targets, such as TiO2, SiO2, Ta2O5, Al2O3, SiN, AlN, etc. The pulse shape, that power supply provides, is designed such a way to provide higher degree of ionization in comparison with the other pulsed DC power supplies and is similar with the pulse shape in HIPIMS: we added on the front edge of the pulse short, 500 ns long, high voltage, low average current peak, superimposed with the basic average voltage pulse. It significantly increases the electron emission, ionization and current rise on the front edge of the pulse and enables limiting of voltage magnitude and duration of the main pulse, thus enabling use of smaller output inductor. The arc quenching circuitry response time is as short as 150 ns and the typical value of the output inductor of 30 – 40 uH, together with the use of so called Soft Arc Handling mode, provides very low energy, delivered in a single arc, less than 1 mJ/kW.
Reactive magnetron sputter deposition of highly insulating thin films. Sputter deposition of hard to manage materials, like Aluminium, Zinc, etc. This line of power supplies can be used to prevent arcing during the reactive sputter deposition. These can be used to supply power for glow discharge cleaning or ion etching of the substrates, too, in case of appropriate impedance of the resulted plasmas.
Description Unit IMPS 10 IMPS 15 IMPS 20
Line voltage and current V; A 220-230/ 5,5 220-230/ 8 220-230/ 10
Line frequency Hz 50/ 60 50/ 60 50/ 60
Line-to-Output Efficiency % >85% >85% >85%
Power limit kW 1,1 1,65 2,2
Output frequency kHz 100 100 100
Duty cycle range % 0 to 75 0 to 75 0 to 75
Power adjustment range kW 0,05 to 1,0 0,08 to 1,5 0,1 to 2,0
Current adjustment range (norm. Z) A 0,1 to 2,2 0,12 to 3,2 0,15 to 4,2
Regulation modes Amps, Watts Amps, Watts Amps, Watts
Load Regulation, 4:1 imped. change % 2 2 2
Weight kg 4,5 4,8 4,8

Other Specifications
Cooling system forced air, bottom and top cover in, rear panel out.
Front panels
Active front panel provides complete control and process monitoring
Remote control provides remote control and monitoring functions
Housing ½ 19” rack module
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Front panel 218 x 146 mm
Case 218 x 132 x 330 mm
Standard Connectors
Output connector N connector, female
Cooling water control Four-pin connector
Safety compliance EN61010-1:1993/A2:1995
EMC compliance EN50081-2: 1992
EN50082-2: 1995
Environmental conditions
Operating Temperature 5 to 35 °C
Relative Humidity 75% RH
Max. Operating Altitude 2000 m above the sea level

According to our years of experience in manufacturing and servicing the MF pulsed DC magnetron power supplies all around the world, we claim, that our products are thoroughly tested and are rugged and reliable. All parts and labour are covered with standard two-years warranty.

Specifications are subject of change without notice