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Penning Vacuum Gauge

A single-channel vacuum gauge with a digital display and an analogue output 0 -5 V. The set includes a PNH 01 measuring head, a connecting cable and a rack module ACC. to DIN 43 700 electronic unit, containing an analogue controller, a microcontroller based digital LED display and button bar and a power supply. The measured pressures are displayed in an exponential format with three-digit mantissa. There are provided (optional) two programmable optoinsulated open collector outputs with user seting hysteresis and diodes on the front panel, which indicates the "ON" state.

The PENNING VACUUM GAUGE PNVG 01 is designed for measurement and control of non-corrosive gases pressure in the range of 1.10-6 - 2.10-2 mbar in vacuum systems.

The measuring gauge head is designed as an inverted magnetron. The value of the discharge current in crossed electric and magnetic fields is proportional to the gas pressure and depends of the gas nature. Electrode's design and the values of the applied electric and magnetic fields provides self cleaning of the cathode, preventing plasma polymerization and thus long term stability of the measurement by using together with oil filled vacuum pumps.


Measuring range mbar Acc. to N2 1.10-6 - 2.10 -2
Accuracy, total % of reading -50 - +100
Analogue output V 0 - 5 / Rl >10kOhms
Measuring head connecting flange KF ACC. to ISO 16
Power supply V AC 220, 50Hz
Power consupmtion VA 10


Controller mm 90 x 90 x 180
PNH 01 mm L85 x Φ60
Weight, total kg 1,5


  1. Relay outputs - 2 x 3 A / 220 V AC.
  2. PNH 02 measuring head for 1.10-8 - 1.10-3 mbar measurement.
  3. Serial interface RS 232/ RS 485 for computer linking.

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