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A single-channel vacuum gauge with a digital display and analogue output 0 - 1 V. The set includes one pressure transducer AMPT 01, connecting cables and a rack module ACC. to DIN 43 700 electronic unit, containing analogue controller, 3 ½ digit LED display with floating point and power supply module. It is provided the ability of keeping constant pressure by direct control of EM valve or relay output. It is possible to adjust the set point in both cases by means of the front panel buttons.

The absolute membrane vacuum gauge AMVG 01 is designed for measurement and control of dry, non-corrosive gases pressure in the range of 0,1 - 1020 mbar in vacuum systems and it is suitable to work in high power CO2 lasers.

The pressure transducer AMPT 01 consist of piezoresistive absolute membrane pressure sensor, based on micro-machined Si diaphragm, thermo-compensated and span laser trimmed, preamplifier and a thermo isolated plastics case.

Measuring range mbar 0 - 199,9; 0 - 1020
Accuracy in the range 25 - 1020 mbar % of F.S.O. <1,5
Resolution in the range 0 - 199,9 mbar mbar0,1
Resolution in the range 200 - 1020 mbarmbar1,0
Long term zero drift % of F.S.O.<0,05
Long term span drift % of F.S.O. <0,05
Analogue output V- 0 - 1V/Rl > 1 kOhm
Transducer's connecting flangeKF acc. to ISO16
Power supply V220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumptionVA10


The electronic unitmm90 x 90 x 180
The pressure trasducermm105 x 56 x 35
Weight, the whole setkg1,0


  1. Relay output 3A / 220 V AC.
  2. Custom connecting flange
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